Countries with high biodiversity value are often underrepresented in the English scientific literature (Wilson et al 2016). One major obstacle to research output in developing countries is the challenge of communicating scientific research by people not proficient in the English language. Many papers are rejected without review based simply on the lack of English comprehension or quality. Professional language editing services are costly and scientists in developing countries are often under resourced in research. To address this problem, our initiative aims to support scientists in developing countries by aiding them to publish in quality peer reviewed English-language scientific journals. We provide a pre-review editorial service prior to journal submission. By improving the quality of English prior to submission in a pre-review stage, this initiative will increase the probability of submission success and support scientists from developing countries to publish in quality peer-reviewed journals.

If you are a scientist from a developing country publishing in ecology or conservation and you would benefit from editorial assistance from a proficient English writer, please email diverSCIfy@une.edu.au with your submission documents (manuscript, cover letter to target journal).  We aim to return all edited manuscripts within six weeks.

If you are the editor of a journal and believe you have submissions that would benefit from our editorial service, please direct the authors to diverSCIfy@une.edu.au